Your project is our project

We owe every ounce of our success to this simple maxim.

Underscoring everything we do is our unwavering commitment to be true partners to our clients and to value the relationship more than the bottom line.

To us partnership is more than fine sounding words or even going the extra mile. it's about walking side by side with our clients over the long haul and many years, through good times and bad, and many, many extra miles. As is such we will learn your business - what makes it tick, where it thrives, and vulnerabilities to competitive advantage. We'll participate in your strategy sessions and we'll bring you ideas to bolster existing marketing initiatives and launch new campaigns.

We're only as good as our word which is why we believe in honoring our estimates and back them up with a "zero-creep" promise so you'll never have the displeasure of a surprise invoice.

But what keeps our clients coming back time again again is our Hassle-Free Guarantee. We know the stigma associated with production companies - unresponsive vendors, production errors, unpleasant post production staff - and we're out to change it. That's why we backup every client relationship with a promise to make production a breeze. No headaches ever - or you don't pay a thing.

Just think of us as another department in your company but one you don't have to support. No salaries, no benefits, and no expensive camera equipment to maintain or repair either. And with our in-house team plus our roster of vetted industry professionals we're always here to give our best.

About Us

We got our start at a time when most production companies were going under and the global financial markets were failing. Fuelled by naivety our small team refined our approach to corporate filmmaking and video production, expanded our offerings, and rethought our value proposition. What do clients want from video production? They want good video without the headache.

Not only did we survive the recession but to everyone's surprise we flourished and our tiny company quickly caught the eye of national media outlets and our creativity won us countless opportunities with Fortune 500 companies, sports franchises, healthcare providers, private equity firms, government agencies, and hospitality companies.

Our new found success leas us to expand our creative departments to include more front-end support for our clients. It allowed us to roll up our sleeves in our client's businesses and help problem solve through their greatest pain points with video marketing - creating friends and loyal customers along the way. We were also able to dedicate additional resources to helping our clients get the most mileage out of each and every video project, focus on video SEO, and repurposing content to stretch the marketing dollars.

Today Big Swell is a well respected leader in the video production and video marketing space and our work has been proudly displayed to millions of viewers the world over.

As we continue our great tradition of creative storytelling we're inspired to never stop growing, exploring, and trying new things. And our clients expect nothing less.